The slow food movement has been catching speed across the country for many, many years. The slow food movement promotes family values by asking families to forego the fast food run and actually cook home cooked meals and sit around the dinner table together to eat them. As children, most of us can remember coming home to the warm scent of something cooking on the stove or something baking in the oven.  For many young children living in these times, those types of homecomings are nothing more than a fantasy. From school they are shuffled to tutoring centers for their homework help, then soccer practice and fast food is usually the preferred food of choice, eaten in the car, night after night. The other scenario are the kids that come home to an empty house with only what’s left over from the night before for them if they want to eat. Usually it’s cold pizza or a sandwich they can make themselves. Our world should be changing for the better, but instead, we are making things worse. My neighbor recommended a plumber Suffolk County to me when my sister wanted to have a heater for her brand new inground pool installed.

Because many households are dual-income households, both parents are working until late. With the stresses of any job, it is obviously much easier to have someone swing by a local fast food place and pick up dinner for the entire family, rather than come home from a long day of work and actually begin cooking a meal.   Slow food is all about finding ways to prepare meals that you can easily then heat up for your family to enjoy together, with everyone around the table. We suggest cooking big meals on Sundays that can last for the work week, or freezing partially cooked meals, finishing them at a later time. We all owe it to ourselves and our families. Let’s get out of the fast food places and get over to the dinner table. Even if it’s just one night a week. The family will thank you for it.

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